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One-two punch!

Just this Tuesday, James and I decided to take a breather and go catch Ice Age 2.He was feeling kinda down for the day, annd I thought an early afternoon of nothing in particular and a movie just might do the job. I'm glad it did. ^_^

After lunch at Casaa, we hopped on a jeep to SM North and bought tickets for the next screening time. He helped me hunt down a suitable usb cable for my mom's camera with the extra time on our hands. After tyhat, we found we still had time on our hands, and we decided to go zipping around the Department store for a cool geeky shirt for James. Unfortunately, SM North's Dry Ice brand didn't share the same kind of humor SM Megamall's Dry Ice had,(except for a funny evolutionary tee we spotted) and we stepped out of the Department store tee-less. In a shopping bag, that is, not on our backs. ^_^" After a quick look-arounbd in the arcade and a mini-history and context lesson of Fist of the North Star, we hurriedback to Cinema 4 just in time for the movie.

It felt wonderful catching a movie with James again. Once I do start earning, I'll be looking forward to more fun movie dates like this.^_^

After about one-and-a-half hours of action!, drama!, and lots of side-splliting Scrat-funny momments, we walked to the MRT together; James saw me off to the Quezon Avenue stop before he went off to clock in for work.

Due to a quick change of plans and location, I walked to ABS-CBN to meet up with Tobie for a graduation gift he wanted to give me. First good thing: it was Andong Agimat, Arnold Arre's newest offering to the comicbook superhero genre.

And second thing? You'll never believe the second thing.

Arnold Arre came over the ABS-CBN just to sign my copy! Just how cool is the guy?

Don't believe me? Here!

After hugs and some chitchat, I gave Sir Arnold a copy of my Comicbook Writing Finals story, Umbilicus(Buddha, I will love you forever for the title. ^_^). I thought it could serve as a tribute of sorts, as it somehow reflected aspects of Sir Arnold's Trip to Tagaytay. I just hope the couple like it. *eager grin*

After that, Tobie took me out to a veggie-ful and fish-filing dinner. My great big thank you goes out to you, dude. You had planned this out all along, and what can I say? You and my man made my day. ^_^

Miss (...Mrs.! Mrs.!) Cynthia Bauzon-Arre waving for the cam.
"Hi, Jon... waitaminute... is that the Big Brother House?"

Tobie and Cynthia huddle together for a shot.

Sir Arnold and Miss Cynthia: one last shot before driving off.
Yay! They so cool. ^_^

Tobie at dinner.
"Hoy... bawal ma-micture sa hapag-kainan! Mas lalo kasi pogi ako!" :P
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